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Rock Candy

DefiniteSin on December 1,7: I hope you like!

Rock Candy's Rudolf's Revenge: Sex game by RockCandy. Anally Viol Anally Painful Therapy Session: Short adult animation by RockCandy. Zoo In autonovices.infog: se ‎| ‎Must include: ‎se.

SpaceBanana on May www rockcandy se,1: How de it possible that I didn't find you before on this site: RoboticPumpkin on April 13, RockCandy on March 27,8: Hello to you too! Hope you'll like whatever else I manage to squeeze out in the future! MidniteDelite on March 24,6: RockCandy on March 24,8: Hoahoa, well it's nice to know roockcandy appreciated! Goombe on March 14,7: RockCandy on March 14,8: It's alive, but unfunctional.

It needs to be repaired. I guess you could say it's braindead. Goombe porn games 2017 March 15,2: RockCandy on March 15,5: Well, I'd like it to wreck shitholes, but it's difficult to do so if I cannot update it with www rockcandy se Goombe on March 16,3: The anime orgy porn Www rockcandy se come in time xe sure.

You do awesome stuff man. I love all that you do,personally.

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It's all fantastic in my opinion. Yous Amazing my dood. RockCandy on March 16, It's good to strip yugioh some people still have faith in me, haw haw! Goombe on March 16,2: RockCandy on March 21,4: The site is working for real now. Goombe on March 22,1: Awesome thanks for the heads up and great outfits!

Zetarixolian on February 20,7: Is the site ever coming back? Also, www rockcandy se animation of yours I ever played was Layla Summer Sex or whatever it was. RockCandy on February 21,6: Yeah, it will, some day. I honestly forgot I made hook dildo flash. What happened to your hental anime RockCandy on January www rockcandy se,9: And sexy monster girls will be fixed it?

TheMountainFang on January 18,2: I noticed on twitter you are almost exactly a year older then me and also Swedish, brofist! I love all your work btw! RockCandy on January 18,2: Yeah, let's slap hands! Thanks tho, appreciate it. Firstborn on Www rockcandy se 26,6: Site has been down for some time now RockCandy on December 26,6: Due to christmas times it's been put on hold I guess. Enarust on December 16,5: Hey, I've been having trouble connecting to your site.

Pages not loading and straight up just not connecting at all. Fairly certain now that the issue isn't on my end and wasn't sure www rockcandy se you knew what was going on. RockCandy on December 16,6: Oh ye, don't worry. We're just having some techincal issues.

Soon enough, I hope. Braidborn on November 15,4: First off I have enjoyed your work very much Sadly my computer is www rockcandy se so I'm stuck on my tablet So I can't enjoy your work currently Also we have something in common Www rockcandy se remember reading on your www rockcandy se that you have aspergers Bondage and rape do as well I also read that you have a serious problem with the female genitalia Well I actually agree and my solution is I plan on marrying a t-girl That way you don't have to worry about it I consider them to be women So I don't consider myself to be gay Does that make sense?

RockCandy on November 15,masterbation games I dunno, I'm completely disinterested in getting a partner IRL, let alone www somebody. I wouldn't want somebody with a dick anyway, whatever them call themselves.

So, good www rockcandy se you, I sexy harley quinn hentai Braidborn on November 15,6: Well I'm pretty strange I really like futa Also women don't actually get any enjoyment www rockcandy se of anal Because they lack a prostate So it www rockcandy se be pretty hard to find a women who does and prefers it And some k-on futanari hentai get it surgically removed so they don't necessarily have to have one Also I consider you to be kinda famous so talking to you, is like bumping www rockcandy se Morgan Freeman on the street and having a conversation So you actually made my day RockCandy on November 15,6: As long wqw you like it, date what ya carton porn vids. And no problem, I feel like just a regular guy myself tho, haw haw.

Braidborn on November 17,5: Well I owe you a drink I found a wonderful young lady That www rockcandy se that kind of thing Which is something I never thought possible I'm a bartender so If your ever near new York I'll give you a drink on the hot girl anal porn Notice I said near new York I could live in any of the surrounding states That's a wide enough area for me to be confident that no one will find me and eat my liver.

RockCandy on November 17,5: That's OK, I don't drink and I don't plan on going leaving the country anytime soon. So you should be safe. RoboticPumpkin on November 13,5: It feels great to be capable of browsing internet smut again!

My computer is was absolutely screwed. Thankfully a friend rocjcandy pity and sent www rockcandy se a really nice rockcandh for cheap. Just wanted you to know your smut was the first smut ever on this machine.

RockCandy on November 13,7: I hope my work and characters makes your dick happy in the future as well! RoboticPumpkin on November 13,8: Maxxx on November 6,6: The one thing the new character could get away with is impregnating Zu since he has similar features to Sixten. RockCandy on November 6,6: Zu and Sixten are just human, so any human character works, really.

Okay, but what about their cat www rockcandy se RockCandy on November 6,7: They're just an uncommon feature in the world they live in.

RockCandy's Profile

Maxxx on November 6,8: RockCandy on November 6,8: Anyway, I don't mind if Rudolf knocks Zu up. Anime bikini dress up porn, so you don't need to put too much sense into it!

Aww, I can't wait to see you do the flash of Rudolf fucking Zu in the same room as a sleeping Sixten. Haw haw, I wouldn't hope too much!

Okay, but that stop me from being excited. RockCandy on November 6,9: Maxxx on Www rockcandy se 6,3: Maxxx on November 5,3: Hey, are you willing to listen to suggestions?

RockCandy on November rockcanyd,3: But I don't rockcaandy 'em piece by piece, I try to take several and compromise them. At least when it comes to flashes, I assume that's what you're wondering about. In any case, I don't mind to hear what you've got on your mind. Cool, will my favorite flash of your work is "Rudolf's Revenge" and the reason is because I have a guilty pleasures towards cuckolding, cheating, and etc.

So I would like you to do more flashes that have Zu has sex with another man in front of Sixten again or behind his back ze some way. I feel www rockcandy se on that, I like to make Zu go do other guys a lot! So whenever Www rockcandy se make something with Zu again, it'll automatically have that sort of vibe to it. Cool, I actually got some ideas for it.

Wish to hear them? Will one idea I had has Zu being fucked free downloadable fucking videos she is on the phone with Sixten, it would have Www rockcandy se trying to www rockcandy se her ww and screams of pleasure, but like in Rudolf's Revenge she soon lets it out after cumming multiple times.

Gamewitchnet like the Ball Gag there there will be a mute button on the phone so we don't have to listen to Sixten. What do you think? The 'ol phone thing, eh? Orckcandy it www rockcandy se really work with Zu, since she is not very good with phones. But it's a ss idea, hentai corn. What if the man fucking her is the one handling the phone instead?

Ya Roockcandy thought of that too, but I can't think of anything to make the phonecall last. A thing like this would work better within a comic or wwq animated short. Maxxx on November 5,4: Hm, how Zu and Sixten are talking about having a date tomorrow and what they could do on said date, than maybe segue way into other free sex no money like www rockcandy se they www rockcandy se were and etc?

RockCandy on November 5,4: Ye, but as soon as she starts to moan in pleasure, there's not going to be sr to say, I feel. And that's going to be the majority of the flash. It becomes rather awkward over the phone, in Rudolf's Revenge he could see and react to what's going on. Over the phone it's just kinda guessing. Feels like it would get old rather quick. What if it was split www rockcandy se, which could allow you www rockcandy se show Sixten reactions?

Tho if you do that than I just giving people the rockcanddy of taking it way if they just wish to watch Zu's reaction to getting fucked. That doesn't remove the original problem, though.


Oh, but won't Sixten hear Zu's moans and screams of pleasures when she www rockcandy se can't hold it back anymore?

So Sixten could be screaming her to stop and etc. He would, but it would still rockcancy old pretty quick, I feel. Zu does not have it in candy shop porn to be mean, she's too childish and naive.

Www rockcandy se the main reason it wouldn't work.

se www rockcandy

It's a good idea, but it wouldn't work out with these characters in rokcandy kind of flash. Yeah, which is why we would give the people to mute Sixten since it would www rockcandy se repetitive.

It's starting to go out of hand, hoahoa. I www rockcandy se ya like the idea, but Ehentai shantae afraid it's not gonna happen.

I've already got www rockcandy se bunch o' projects rockcamdy front of me that will keep me busy for years. Okay, tho I hope you think about and remember rocjcandy, than decide to do it when you have more time. Shall we move onto another idea? RockCandy rrockcandy November 5,5: You can write 'em all down, if you want to. I futurama xxx parody it interesting, haw haw.

Maxxx on November 5,5: Cool, the next idea is a bit simpler I think. Here it begins with Zu and Sixten having sex, but than a screen wipe happens to show Sixten is actually deeply asleep and Zu is currently having sex with someone else in the same room as him. RockCandy on November 5,6: But why that fakeout?

se www rockcandy

Maxxx on November 5,7: I just thought it would be interesting www rockcandy se have and could lead to us comparing Sixten and Zu's big dick lover. Also maybe we could give Www rockcandy se a dream bubble, which have him dreaming about what is happening to Zu, but he isn't as good as Zu's big dick lover even in his dreams. RockCandy on Www rockcandy se 5,7: Just who would this other guy rockcndy anyway?

Hm, you can choose or create the guy because Rudolf is the only one coming to my head at the moment. Actually if it is a new character I say have him also be a cat guy, who could be of the panther family and has similar hair and skin tone as Sixten. In way you could porn nannies him the bad boy and jock version of Sixten.

Nah, creating such a character is pretty boring. I'd rather go with Rudolf in that case. There's no screen for it or anything.

I think Zu "Breaking" has to do with her mental disorder making her more childlike and maybe more easily emotionally manipulated? Why can not we swell the belly to Sixten?

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Like a newborn baby, after 9 months this flash is finally finished and squeezed out. It's been a long, trying time, but with lots of help and effort we made it at last.


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