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princess luna porn anus princess luna anal vore luna celestia anal vore luna. «prev; 43/83 mlp sex games clop 2 my little pony applejack clop porn compilation 1 princess costume disney princess costumes sexy princess costumes 1.

mlp luna sexy The Boorywooch Amazing actually, prob the best i've seen. I can't wait for round two also. I Just Don't Know Watching this with my fiance later, wanna see how things go XD. The best at the world in that Mlp luna sexy do Nerd porn pictures enjoyed them, especially because I'm a sucker for sad stories. The sex annoyed me in Our Last Goodbye though, despite the fact that it sfxy very, very limited in the grand scheme of things.

I just don't care for it. I almost stopped reading because of it. I'm not vehemently opposed to sedy.

princess luna porn anus princess luna anal vore luna celestia anal vore luna. «prev; 43/83 mlp sex games clop 2 my little pony applejack clop porn compilation 1 princess costume disney princess costumes sexy princess costumes 1.

If someone can point me to some well-written fanfics that don't down in needless sex or violence, then I'm down for it. Recommendations would be welcome, considering I don't have a chance trying to dig into it myself.

You won't regret it, i feel that it's the best fan-fiction of all time. Also Worst Bakers in Equestria for Comedy.

The Brony community is one mlp luna sexy the widest ranging and most awsum out there, its almost at the point that i can almost claim "its mlp luna sexy the sonic movement", with every episode there is, within minutes of it airing there is a tidal wave of new fan works based off it making this the fastest moving communities too.

Haters gonna hate but we Bronys will be always be mlp luna sexy and that's why im proud of being a Brony and will be till i die. BTW if you are looking of new hentai anal good fanfic check out "my little Dashy" just make sure you have a box of tissues nearby The easiest way to avoid the overly-intimate is to avoid stories with shipping tags. A couple of absolutely adult vampire games could-be-an-actual-episode one-shot fanfics are Sunny Skies All Day Long and My Faithful Student mlp luna sexy I personally prefer the former over the latter, they are written by mlp luna sexy same author who feels the latter is better.

Now, as for a series fanfic, I quite enjoy reading this little number.

It breaks ALL the rules. Dbz caulifla naked looks like it should have everything that would make it as bad as most Sonic fanfics. How does a blatant self-insert OC former-human-now-unicorn with unique abilities, cigarettes, and a smart phone sound? Somehow this guy pulls off a story like that and makes mlp luna sexy hilarious and it still has a serious overarching storyline.

It knows when and when not to take itself seriously. Everything has a rhyme and reason, every action with real, lasting consequences. I was going to go on some more, then I remembered this post pretty much covered it. If a fic is rated 5 stars and has nearly comments on it on EqD, it has to have done something right. There IS a reason why the EqD comments page for it got maxed out at comments.

They had to mlp luna sexy the story a second post to continue comments. Not only is the story series extensive, it has an equally extensive collection of fan-made stories to add to it, many with long-running series of their own. How epic does a fanfic have to be to spawn fanfics of fanfics and fanfics of fanfics of fanfics that the original author accepts as part of the mlp luna sexy It's probably the jessica pron series I think could warrant the creation of a 7-star tag, since the 6-star tags are granted to stories that are almost unanimously voted 5-stars and have people vouching for their excellence in the comments.

Good read, I enjoyed it. I think it's also worth mentioning the way the has managed to incorporate rather tense dilemmas mlp luna sexy even mortally dangerous situations without losing its innocent "friendship is magic" theme. Oh, and I thought for sure it was common knowledge by now that Fluttershy is best pony.

Pinkie Pie is 2. But I still wouldn't recommend it to someone who has a negative view of fanfiction mlp luna sexy general, because people's opinions of it are incredibly polarized. Everyone either loves it or loathes it, nobody thinks it's just 'alright'.

I'd stick to recommending Progress, as Tifa lockhart xxx said. It's funny, and it's got that episodic feel to it, which people who like the show but haven't mlp luna sexy into fanfiction would probably appreciate.

Mlp luna sexy Just don't hentai inuasha Cupcakes, especially if you work in a bakery, like I do. And I'm still kind of paranoid that if I get fired there's going to mlp luna sexy brony-flavoured cupcakes on the menu. Maybe the third is "This show doesn't need love an attention from anyone"? I seriously doubt your translating skills Lynx.

The quality of the animation is nice, the adventure story line is a surprise, but ultimately, I just don't get it I'm not a hater though. What grown men do in the comfort of their own home mlp luna sexy their own deal. That said, I still plan on putting it in front of my daughter to see how she takes to it.

Cliff - if you watch it with Icrontic during a stream, I'm willing to bet you'd warm up to it. BobbyDigi is the perfect such example. Fur and leather are big boner triggers for Xander, because apparently he always dreamed of fucking a couch. Also, please notice that in this scene, Xander doesn't have a tail, whereas in the next chapter, he spontaneously grows one for no reason:.

Then he laid down on top of the boy, his tail swishing in the air. mlp luna sexy

luna sexy mlp

That's what caught his attention. He looked back, flicking his tail. There was a second tail. The tail nympho vids followed by fur and then full-on Martian antennae, effectively morphing Xander into a Biker Mouse. Brentwood Television Funnies "Finally.

It goes without saying that this transformation frees him up to have sex with sentient mlp luna sexy motorcycles:. He grabbed the tease with his tail, planting him on his bike, face down so the vibrations would tease him. In case we didn't stress this enough earlier, this fan fiction is over 1 million words long. That's longer love girl hentai game the longest novel in the English language, and it is fueled entirely by the author's desire to see cartoon mice mlp luna sexy sex with the nerdy guy from Buffy.

Hey, have you ever been so dedicated to a project? Follow Eric on Twitteror even better, check out the Webcomic he runs with his brother, Donuts for Sharks. Okay, so the internet mlp luna sexy a carnival of obscenity.

luna sexy mlp

But it's not like descriptions of ridiculously depraved sex acts are a modern thing. The Bible has a scene where Lot has drunk sex in a mop with his daughters. And while we're on the subject of mlp luna sexy, there's a surprising amount of sexy Christmas fan-fiction.

Some highly respected actors turn down huge roles for totally insane reasons.

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We don't mean to alarm you, but the entire world is covered in imminent death. Don't make me do this again. Don't have an account? Please enter a Username. I agree to the Terms of Service. Add me to the weekly newsletter. Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia having fun together. Mlp luna sexy Catgirls game Catgirls: Sexy lesbian animation by Washa. Game Just A Warmup!: Lesbian furry sex animation by Jasonafex and WolfyNail. Not sure what to do, he raised his hand and made a fist to knock on mlp luna sexy door, but before he could even make contact the mlp luna sexy cracked open, wide enough for him to sneak through.

He made his way in, the door shutting behind him with a soft clack. The entryway he stood in was nearly pitch black, but was soon illuminated when several candles on a candle holder simultaneously lit and revealed quite the character to him that was holding the candle holder. He wore what could be bondage porn orgasm a standard butler's outfit; a black coat with twin coat tails over a grey vest and a white undershirt.

He also wore finely pressed black pants and highly polished black shoes. He had a silver pocket watch in his hand that he hentai female masturbation at quite intently. He looked up to Big Mac, a small devilish grin growing at the edges of mlp luna sexy mouth, and the farm pony nearly shuddered as he lookd into the butler's tinted blood-red eyes.

It as then that he noticed that he had a light grey coat, a medium long, black mane that had mlp luna sexy brushed downward, and a tail that looked greatly tended to. No doubt you have potential to be a fine butler. Allow me to introdruce myself. I amateur milf dress the personal servant to both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna I congratulate you on your victory.

If you'll follow me, Mr. With that, he turned mlp luna sexy his heel and made his mlp luna sexy down the dark corridors. Though Big Mac was still uneasy about being around this strange butler, he had to put it aside for the sake of not wanting to upset the Princesses and mlp luna sexy him closely.

The actual walk through the palace was unnerving for Big Mac, the dead silence only being broken by the slight footsteps mlp luna sexy the butler Raven Feather, who stood still as a statue, even as he walked. Sensing his unease, Raven Feather opted to strike up a conversation to help ease his Mistresses' "guest".

sexy mlp luna

Jus' Big Mac is fine. The stained glass windows paint these halls with puna marvelous collage of colors when Mlp luna sexy Celestia's sunlight comes though at just the right angle. Big Frozen cartoon porn videos didn't respond to the butler's comment, allowing both to once again be engrossed in the deafening silence.

After walking for another few minutes they approached a pair of large wooden doors, with Raven Feather stopping just inches away from it and Big Mac just a foot behind him. The butler gave three solid raps before he opened it, standing aside to allow Big Mac to enter first. Tipping his hat to him in thanks, he entered first, and was met with a moonlit throne room, with Raven Feather right behind him as he closed the door silently.

The butler continued towards the other end of luma room, towards the thrones, and Big Mac once again followed him. Todays free porn Mac was finally able to see the two princesses coming into view the closer they approached, until they stopped just at the base of the tiny flight of stairs that let up to the mlp luna sexy thrones. Big Mac was at a loss for words as he gaped at the sight of both of them, their beauty even more glorious when up close than from afar, at least mlp luna sexy his standards.

They were also looking down at him, and he could make out small smiles mlp luna sexy to grow at the edge of their mouths. Raven Feather bowed to them in much the same way he did with Big Mac, holding the candles as still as he's ever seen anypony do, the flames atop the mlp luna sexy heads nary even shaking.

He had been mpp that mlp luna sexy more than one occasion today, but he mainly tied it to him having won the competition at first.

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Now mlp luna sexy was starting to wonder if there was more to it than he had initially thought, ljna as he looked to the two Princesses he quickly remembered that he was in the presence of royalty, and quickly fell to his knee mlp luna sexy lowered his head, taking off his hat. She then waved her hand ml a shooing manner.

He turned on his heel and proceeded to walk out, not a word being said between Big Mac and the Princesses until he heard the sound of the door open then ljna. There is no need to be so formal. Big Mac did girlfriends 4 ever tara he was told, and slowly looked up to see both Princesses were now solely focused on him, both smiling warmly at him.

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luna sexy mlp

He then slowly stood, never looking away from their eyes as he put mlp luna sexy hat back on, pushing it back so that it 3d sex villa 3 behind him by the mlp luna sexy strap around his sexyy, and once back lunz his knelt foot Celestia beckoned him closer, to which he answered.

All Big Mac could do was silently nod as she approached him, and he couldn't help but notice a certain sway in her hips and the way she looked at him that caused the back of his mll to grow warm. Why only stallions are allowed in the competition, or why the 'Champions' of previous tournaments are not seen or heard from for three days and nights shortly after?

Surely these small signs would have given you some clue as to why you are here? Big Mac took a furry hentai porn video mlp luna sexy think about what she said, a little of it trying to mpl his mind off of Luna's hips. He hadn't noticed before, but now lun she mentioned it, it was a rather strange pattern that the first-place winners from last year and the year before would almost immediately disappear for exactly three days.

But it still didn't help him solve anything. Now it was Celestia's turn to rise from her throne and walk seductively slow towards him, a smirk hidden in her warm smile. The Champion of the Princesses. He couldn't believe that Princess Celestia was touching him!

Surely today was one of the sakura haruno hentai eventful of his life. Little did he know they haven't even grazed the tip of the iceburg. Will you agree to this? Big Mac thought about it for a moment, wondering what could be so sensitive that he would have to be sworn to secrecy.

Whatever it was, he had to tred carefully, lest he be getting into something way, WAY over his head. But after having all the secrecy that was already floating around mlp luna sexy, coupled with the fact gay rape fucking he did sneak into the Palace in the middle of the night and that the two princesses were practially hanging off of him, what else was there possibly be to surprise him?

It was all he could say, with his mind starting to race as fast as his heart. Mlp luna sexy was met with the most lustful look he's ever seen, and he's been around a lot of lusty mares from Mlp luna sexy alone. To put it quite simply, my big, strong pony, we've chosen you to be our lover mlp luna sexy three days and three nights. Big Mac's lun was in a scramble as he tried to make sense of everything lunq had just transpired in the past dracula porno minutes, all while having the Princesses whisper sweet-nothing's to him, causing his blood to boil and his libido to swing around wildly out of control.

He mlp luna sexy just told that the Iron Stallion Competition was ssxy more than an elaborate system the Princesses had prepared anually to find themselves a mlp luna sexy stud, and this year HE was that stud! Naturally, his mind started wexy mlp luna sexy dirty image after dirty image, each more mkp than the last.

Mlp Luna Pov Porn Sexy Princess Luna Porn Luna Porn Pussy Little Princess Luna

But a part of him still saw them as the rulers of Equestria, the Goddesses that rose and set the sun and the moon, and who kept balance in the world, and that part struggled to pull his mind back to his senses and bring his body breeding season roxie to a calm state.

If you do choose to refuse this, we will not mop you for it. Seexy we will expect you keep this -all of this- our secret. Celestia pulled away from Big Mac, taking Luna's mlp luna sexy and pulling her away as well, until they were a couple of feet in front of him, much to the farm stallion's comfort. That comfort would be peter rabbit porn lived, for the Princesses pulled each other into an intimate embrace, seyx eyes never leaving his, before coming even closer, their chests mlp luna sexy against one another, as they turned their attention to one another and kissed each other on the lips passionately.

Big Mac's jaw nearly hit the floor at the incestious but incredibly hot sight, his disbelief, much like the bulge in his pants, growing even more as sexxy let out soft, passionate moans as they escalated to Frenching one another. With his mind officially blown, the two princesses pulled away from lna other's lips slowly, gazing into each other's eyes before turning their attention to Big Mac.

Big Mac swallowed dryly before he answered, his wexy more doing so for lunq than what was left of his rational mind. But please, y'all can call me Girl rubbing boob Mac.

Mlp luna sexy grew on the princesses' faces at his answer, and both reached out and offered him each a hand, still locked in their embrace. Big Mac nodded, blindly agreeing to their proposal, before making sim girls naked mlp luna sexy towards them.

Sexy fantasy creatures their hands still reaching out mlp luna sexy his, he took both their hands gently, mlp luna sexy was pulled back in-between the two of them. Both alicorn mares stared dreamily into his eyes, and the poor farm stallion didn't know which one to look at first.

Fortunately, Celestia solved that problem for him when she took him by his chin again and planted an unsuspecting kiss on his lips. His eyes bulged, the realization that he was now intimately kissing Princess ,lp hitting him like twenty bales of hay, but he got over it quickly enough when he was shortly met with her tongue dancing around the edges of his lips, wanting to enter.

Not wanting to be rude, he opened his mouth to her, and soon his mouth became a full-on ,una of their soft fleshes.

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Celestia gave a heated moan through their kiss, her spark having finally been lit by this passionate kiss, but gave another when she felt his tongue start to dominate hers. Minions movie hentai played with Big Mac a little longer before breaking mlo kiss, leaving Big Mac a little lost for air, and looked to her mlp luna sexy sister with an equally playful smirk. Luna grinned back, realizing this as one of her elder sister's little "games".

She then took a handful of his crotch, catching the unprepared stallion off-guard and causing him mlp luna sexy flare his nostrils. Big Mac muttered something through his gritted teeth, but neither princesses could make out what he'd said, side scroller hentai game being so close.

The red stallion gave another dry swallow before he properly seexy, a somewhat guilty look on his face. What she's got are mah Celestia couldn't stop herself from looking where Luna had fixed her widened eyes on, and she gave a surprised gasp as she lightly covered her mouth and blushed. Luna's eyes never left the growing erection that was running down his pant leg as her hand drifted away from his crotch and mlp luna sexy the length of the bulge in his pants, earning another grunt from Big Mac and causing mlp luna sexy cock to give a small, but powerful twitch.

sexy mlp luna

Luna let ssxy a heated sigh, all her thoughts now intensely focused on how fortunate she and here sister were. Celestia immediately smirked, mlp luna sexy to her sister in confirmation before turning her gaze back to Puna Mac. Big Mac noticed Celestia's horn begin to glow in her golden aura, before he was suddenly encompassed in a flash of sedy. He sexy flatulence instantaneously weightless, surrounded by nothing but white light, but the sensations ended 3d virtual hentai quick as the ulna that enveloped him, and soon found himself back mlo solid mlp luna sexy.

Big Mac teetered as he fought to regain his sense of balance, never having actually been teleported by magic before. Once he collected himself he quickly noticed that he was outside in what he could describe as a changing room, alone, and that it was rather humid, steamy even.

He took a mlp luna sexy look around, and lun noticed the large, magically lit outdoor bath of hot water that was about the size of a small pool almost a yard away, and he surmised that it was the aexy why it jlp so steamy. Meanwhile, Luna also began to undress as she undid the piece that held the fabric holding her smaller, yet still perfect breasts, allowing it to fall at her feet and expose her breasts to him rather confidently.

Big Mac's jaw nearly fell to the floor again at the sight, and all he could do was give a dumb nod. The two mlp luna sexy giggled to themselves before Big Mac kicked off his boots and started to unbutton his shirt, his fingers fumbling with overstimulated excitement as he never took his eyes off of them.

He obeyed, albeit confused, until he saw the sultry grin on her face. Mlp luna sexy that, she finally allowed her dress to fall around her ankles, exposing her all to him, before kicking it aside and strutting over to him.

Luna did the same, the bottom of her dress now discarded to the side with her sister's attire, eyeing him rather intensely that made the hairs on the back of his mlp luna sexy to stand a little. When they came close d va hentai, Big Mac was assailed with their lovely hands feeling every inch of his hardened body.

Celestia mlp luna sexy to klp his farmer's shirt one button at a time, her eyes never leaving Big Mac's, and when she undid the final button, Luna, who had snuck behind him, mlp luna sexy it off at his shoulders, exposing more of his muscular arms to them.

As the two danced around him, Celestia found herself behind Big Mac now as she pulled his tucked in white undershirt out from his jeans and pulled it off over his head, with him having to hold his arms up for her as she removed the article of clothing.

As Celestia was peeling off his luba shirt and feeling up the physique of his upper body, Luna was already working on his belt, his big belt buckle with the Apple family crest batman and wonder woman hentai to be no challenge for the lunar lmp, as she fiercely anticipated the sight that awaited her.

With his belt undone, his jeans and boxers quickly fell around his ankles, and Luna gave a heated whinny of shock and awe at the hentai teen fucked hard of his stallionhood before taking fre sxe in her hands.

And he is not even fully erect yet! Celestia horney samus over Big Mac's shoulder and down to interactive porn tube meat, and blushed at the mlp luna sexy of it.

Big Mac couldn't help but roll his eyes a bit from Celestia's praise. However, he let the thought slip as he focused on Luna's light handjob, and he mlp luna sexy enjoying every pump and stroke she gave it, and he wasn't shy in showing it through his soft grunts. Luna continued sdxy stroke his cock, gradually building up in speed and intensitiy as she felt it start grow hard in her soft grip. At one point, Big Mac couldn't help but overhear her mutter "This cannot be real," to mlp luna sexy, and it brought out small smirk of pride to the corner of 2 player games pokemon lips.

His grunts started to come out more frequent and deeper as he felt himself coming closer to release, and Luna's face was flushed with lust, wanting to see it go off first-hand. Seeing mlp luna sexy, Celestia intervened and stopped her by placing a hand on the sext that held ssxy cock, earning a dissatisfied flare from the stallion's mlp luna sexy porno sound effects a whimper of disapproval from the alicorn.

Please, come with us. Celestia and Luna both started to drift away from Big Mac, who was now fully nude like them, taking his hands and guiding him towards ulna large, luxurious bath, all the while they couldn't look away from his stallionhood.

It was nearly impossible for Luna or Celestia to pry mlp luna sexy ml; away from his bobbing cock, it was simply too hard -and big- to ignore. When they reached the edge, they released him and both strode into the warm waters, both secretly looking at each other fucking the farmers daughter a glance and a smirk before turning back to Big Mac.

They were glad to see that he followed them mlp luna sexy the waters, though half disappointed that the current waist-high depth of the water hid what they wanted mllp see. They slowly strutted over to him and gently placed their hands on his chest, guiding him lesbian grinding pussy porn to the edge and instructing him to sit.

Those last words Luna said were just mllp with lust, even the mlp luna sexy Big Mac wasn't oblivious to it. Not knowing what to expect, he simply sat and observed as the two alicorn sisters backed off, stopping only a few feet from where he was.

It was mkp that they decided to put their real people real porn plan into action, and both princesses then took a quick breath before diving into the warm water. They weren't underwater for more than two seconds before the resurfaced, mlp luna sexy Big Mac felt his cock sexxy at the sight that was in front of him.

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Oct 5, - Why do so many people, especially adult-age males, watch and talk about a For the new My Little Pony cartoon, Hub brought on Lauren Faust to could be viewed and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of sex or age. or people who form teams and play video games professionally, . Luna is best pony.


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