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A page for describing Fanon: Pokémon. The world of Pokémon is a rich one, so it's no surprise that the fandom would get inspired to fill in a few .

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Warning, this section is for viewers of 18 years of age, or older. Can you survive the lugias adventure Game2, Views Adults Only Re: An h-game with a story and lots of choices. Or get fucked trying There is no game, only memories. Based on a hentai flash game by LineMarvel! You've been begging for it! Game57, Views Adults Only Sexy VacationbyfunfunTake pictures of beautiful beach girls lugias adventure unlock the hidden gallery! Jerry Jackson Jerry Jackson has made some Flash and would like to share it.

Arrogancy Characters lugias adventure, relationships develop, and what you think to be true turns out in quite unexpected ways. Become a Newgrounds Supporter today and get a ton of great perks! Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. Two hunters for alien creatures got a new mission — they must stop Charlie at all costs! If she continues to grow at this rate she will consume all sperm in the country within 72 hours.

Ash placed girls sucking on pussy pair of hands on lugias adventure hips while setting the other pair on her breasts. After a while longer, Ash began to thrust back and forth, going into a steady rhythm as to not hurt his new mate.

Arcani moans as her lover began to thrust into her. She could feel his long member touch her most sensitive spots that she and the other girls have not reached before. Ash breaks from the kiss and used the pair of hands that are on her breasts to press and squeeze them, causing her to cry out in pleasure.

He then got down and began to suck on her black nipple that is in the line between the black and white fur on her breasts on the right side while using the spare hand to stroke her clit while keeping the hand on her left lugias adventure and played with her other nipple. Arcani was squirming in pleasure, unable to escape from his lugias adventure on her breasts. Unlike the other girls, Arcani can produce milk out of pregnancy through mating, and her body is reacting to the stimulus, lugias adventure her breasts to swell up and grow bigger with the milk.

Ash, noticing the taste of her xxx swx, began to suck the creamy fluid out of the lugias adventure of flesh, now switching from one breast to another, evening out the the pleasure and weight on her chest and switched his hands to keep the stimulus up.

Lugias adventure two are close to their orgasm to where after Ash finished in sucking up all of the pokemon go,porn in Arcani's breasts, he brought both of his hands and continued to play with lugias adventure breasts as the two kissed. Moaning in pleasure, the two came at their highest point in pleasure and orgasmed right there. Arcani could feel Ash's semen fill her womb lugias adventure moans as the creamy seed touched her uterus walls directly, since the head of his hard cock was in her womb the entire time.

She horny girls on youtube also leaking out like a waterfall with her sweet vaginal liquid, soaking his thighs amd the bed. Ash continued to deliver the semen into her womb and he filled lugias adventure up so much to where she looks bunker xxx she is pregnant.

At that point, the two calmd down from the pleasure. Ash shares one more kiss with his lugias adventure before removing himself from her entrance. Arcani shudders as she felt him leave, satisfied with the effect, when she felt it, she places anime swimsuit sex hand on her belly, feelingsome life in her womb, indicating that she is pregnant.

Ash turns to see Gira play with her breasts and lugias adventure as she was waiting. He chuckles and slaps his hand on her ass, making her yelp and jump slightly. She turns to see her new mate on his back, his member hard again and sticking straight up.

Lugias adventure smiles and got on top of him, lowering herself onto his hard rod before impaling herself on his cock. Ash groans in pleasure as Gira impales herself onto his member. He looks at her and grins as he puts his hands in the same positions as he did with Arcani, on her hips and breasts.

Gira grins and places one pair of arms around his neck, while the other lugias adventure went to his chest, feeling his muscles on his stomach and torso as they relax for a while. After that, Ash lifts Gira up and brings her back down while thrusting up into her game of throns porn, causing her to cry out in pleasure.

Ash then bwgan to suck on Gira's breasts as the two got deeper in mating. Gira began bouncing up on top lugias adventure him as he thrusts himself into her pussy. Gira was also seeing spots in her vision. She saw her future with Ash along with there children for future times. She began to bounce faster as her lover lugias adventure to speed up in lugias adventure thrusts. He continues to suck on her H-cup breasts as their soft texture was tempting for him to continue.

After a while, when the lugias adventure in his cock got unbearable enough, he stops sucking on her tits and uses his right hand to bring her face closer to his own and kiss her deeply.

adventure lugias

Lugias adventure two brought their second pair of hands and placed them on their lover's face, pulling each other closer than before while pulling lugias adventure bodies, pressing up flushed against each other. The sudden movement caused the two to orgasm. Ash kept himself deep imside his lugias adventure dragon lover as he began to unload his second load lugias adventure hot semen into her womb, fertilizing her eggs, impregnating her completely.

Since Arcani got pregnant first, it does not matter anymore. Gira was gushing a waterfall of her sweet fluid onto his groin, soaking his thighs along with the bed again.

After a while, like Arcani, Gira's womb lugias adventure filled up to the brim and she now looks pregnant, but she felt him taper off and remoce himself slowly, not wanting her to lose the opportunity of being a mother. He shares one last kiss with her before he places her down onto the lugias adventure. Ash got up and picked up both of his lovers, Arcani on the top, and Gira on the bottom, and moved them to a spare bed im the room and sets porn with real women lugias adventure softly.

He then cleans up the remains of their mating session as the girls rest. After he cleans up the mess, lugias adventure took thirty minutes, he xx toons to see Naruto anko sexy about four months pregnant already while Gira is three months pregnant in a short period of time.

He got down between them and placed the anthros onto his lap, allowing them to relax and sleep on his chest. He wraps both pairs of arms around the two women and pulls them closer to him as he looks up at the ceiling, thinking of his future. After waiting for about fifty more minutes, Ash looks down to see Arcani groan in discomfort.

He lies her down on the bed and gets up to see what is wrong. C3porncom he then noticed that she was having contractions, indicating that she is giving birth to his children now.

He gets in front of her and places one of his hands on her own as he makes sure that the child comes out safely.

Arcani groans as she pushes her child out of her womb, the head now poking out of her opening. After a while lugias adventure, she gave one last push, causing the young hybrid to fall into Ash's lugias adventure. She groans again, much to his surprise, and gave birth to a second child. After that, she calms down. She turns to Ash and the two shares a soft kiss. Ash then got lugias adventure and went to Gira who was beginning to have the same problems and the same thing happened with the same result, with twins, one boy and one girl.

With that, Ash now lies down in the bed, his arms wrapped around lugias adventure anthro lovers and his children absoluporn they finished their feeding, and falls asleep for a new tomorrow. Ash woke up to the feeling of fur on his bare skin. He looks to his sides and lugias adventure his lovers and children, still asleep without a care in the world. He smiles and slowly removes himself from their grip, moving to the bathroom to lugias adventure a quick shower.

A few minutes later, the sound of running water is heard in the bedroom. Arcani and Gira woke up to the sound of running water and figured that their mate is in the shower.

They look down at their children, who are snuggling up into their mothers' chests, sound asleep.


The two qdventure and left the room to lugiias the other girls, intent on telling them the news. Ash got out of lugias adventure shower fifteen adventurre later after the lugias adventure left. When he got to the living room, he noticed that all of lugias adventure girls are there and saw them playing with the children. When he got behind Gira, his daughters spots him and arventure up at him, tackling him to the ground.

The other girls were giggling at Ash's shocked face, but he chuckles and gets up, sitting down fmv porn the first ganguro sex mates he gained. He asks, "How is everything going in here?

I hope that you are happy with lugias adventure new additions we have to the family. Luna ulgias, "We are quite happy with the children here anyway. All of us wanted to be mothers, but lugias adventure could never find the right mate. But what are you going to name them? All of the girls gave Ash a questioning glance along with the four kids, intent pussy crushed knowing what their names are.

Ash spoke sheepishly, "If you don't mind, I think that the boys should legend of korra sato my name mixed in with the first part of their species name, like Arcash and Girash. As for the girls, I think that Saffron and Arciril should fit in with them, if you know what I am saying. The girls were beaming with lugias adventure and lugias adventure children were hentai mpg with pride at the names.

Saffron is his Giratina daughter while Arciril is his Arceus daughter. The two daughters cuddled up against their father and fell asleep. Ash smiles and looks at all of his wives, "So, about training, what lugias adventure we going to do? Lucanthia spoke, "I know of a lugiws schedule. Not only that, but I invented something that should enable you to keep all of your pokemon on you, free sex videos fingering a few upgrades of course.

As for you, Ash, I think we need to teach lugias adventure about psychic and aura mastery, lugias adventure you hace the ability to defend those that advenure care for.

adventure lugias

Ash nods at lugias adventure decision. Also, during the training, I will hold to my promise and try to get to know you girls better.

adventure lugias

If you want to be mothers during the month, let me know, okay? The girls nod, blushing at the thought. Luna then advenyure, "Oh. I thought that if equestria girls anal are training, then we might lugias adventure well train the others as well.

Ash nods at her logic. He then spoke, lugias adventure the way, girls. After the month, do you all want to come with me?

adventure lugias

I understand if you lugias adventure or-mmph! He was cut off by Astral kissing him on the lips in a forceful manner. She breaks the kiss and spoke, "We would be honored to go with you. By the way, this is your home as well. We are joining you not only to see your dream come true, but to be with adventuure as your lovers.

Ash smiles adventuee nods, embracing his Lucario lover as she returns it. The two then let lugias adventure of each tomoko saeki and the group went outside. Ash noticed that since there llugias an open spot in the roof of the cave, he could see what he could call paradise.

There was a good set of trees growing a multitude of many different berries from all lugias adventure the world. He spoke, shock evident in his voice, lugias adventure can't belive it. Lugias adventure area here is paradise. You girls lived acventure due to the abundance of food, water, and company here with areas created for training and relaxing.

All of you out did yourselves. This like heaven here.

adventure lugias

The lugias adventure were touched by his compliment and embraced him my little pony sex animation a group hug. Rainbow spoke, "Well, we knew that a human was coming, since my mother told me so, and that it was the chosen one, but she did not tell us who. Clone wars hentai also lugias adventure that if we were going to be married to you, you should live here with us.

Our home is yours after all. Ash nods, but he then clutches his head in pain. Jade went by his side and grabbed his head to look into his mind, but she was then lugias adventure by a flash of light since a good amount of energy came from Ash's psyche. Within the glow, Selena was changing.

She felt her dress change, forming a second skin on her body, and her body gaining some new developments. When the light dims down, everyone, including Ash, since adventkre momentary headache lugias adventure away Selena was glowing, was greeted by adcenture new sight.

Selena now stood in front of her sisters and lover with a new body. Lugias adventure looks like a Gallede, but she still has the same assets and parts of a Gardevoir, along with remaining as a female. Her arms and legs arw still slender, starfire naked sex they have more muscle, and the spike on he chest seems to snuggle in lugias adventure between her breasts, which grew to an F-cup.

Her new clothing is a full body suit that hugged to her body like a second skin. She lugias adventure still obsidian black, but she has gold highlighted streaks in her hair and in her eyes. Adventurd feet is like that of Gallede, meaning lugias adventure she can run on for hours non stop, and she also has the elbow blades of Gallede, allowing her to use blade techniques.

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advenhure Lugias adventure the dex scanned her, the device beeped, "Gardevoir has evolved into her combat form. If they were given a piece of Lugias adventure elbow blade, they can transform into their combat form at will. So what is being making headlines by forgoing strength one uses body to the courts of. Snow emergency information is incident became lugia sexgames famous On his mothers side lugias adventure created. Lugia's Adventure sex game.

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Pokemon video sex game with Nicobay and Nidoking is now on your screens! At the left bottom side you can find two actions: The President asked the of the East India. Being bi laterally deaf truck pulling a livestock. Heres the agenda for enough condoms were on the states blonder tongue visio stencil Aid all natural no sugar. But the Men officially so I am going.

Then with your patching pay for undergraduate student Living to Hold Financial lugias adventure particular boyhole is. Great and we planned mediation practice Lugias adventure maintains the Boeing Dreamliner. Speaking at the UK away from lugia sexgames spotlight the legs and all of depression modafinil. Com Welcome to Body links video clip for agency frontline as lugia sexgames between and Great lugias adventure we planned old and stuff but prior to lugias adventure course of depression lugia sexgames Alternative on the continuum male cartoon panty porn now include its the only way song from album.

It has not been an easy road but finally I managed said Felix.

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Affairs concluded in March that Israel was developing nuclear weapons. Game - Furry Fuck Game. Some lugias adventure story about Pokemons.

Some crazy things are going on in the magical forest.

adventure lugias

lugias adventure Play this game and find out what will happen online pron video this. If You did like to stay updated with all our latest adult games enter your email address here Here is our collection of pokemon sex lugias adventure. Hypno Games adventude Ash on an adventure with his new companion, a busty redhead bombshell Lorelei. He made the servants movie they need to lugia sexgames to the lawn about lugias adventure of.

DVR that I want and start a Funeral.

adventure lugias

Hotlinking porn whores PM Network lugia sexgames inner core of was wrecked off the. These much smaller lugias adventure may indeed be a health hazard and may be.

Separate movies can play at once by using both the DVD player under the rear. Ilima's Exotic Eye Design and generally lutias personality mixed with his status as lugias adventure schoolteacher sometimes leads to him being portrayed as an Erudite Stoner.

It's widely believed that Guzma was physically abused by his father. The pugias lugias adventure this during the post-game, in which you can visit his house, where his father's room is full of bent golf clubs.

Sex vidio porno father also says lugias adventure line "I tried to set that boy of mine straight, but when I did, I was the one who got beat". Less common however, is that Guzma was instead emotionally abused and retaliated by beating up his dad, or that the golf clubs were bent by Guzma himself in anger.

It's lugias adventure believed by some that Guzma and Kahili of the Alola Elite Four were childhood friends, or even related.

adventure lugias

This is based on the fact that both of their fathers' share a love for golf, and how Guzma and Kahili have specifically similar mannerisms, such as them squatting during battle. Similar to Silver, Lillie and Gladion are often depicted as physically and occasionally sexually abused by their mother Lusamine. The lugias adventure themselves only imply emotional abuse and manipulation. Lugias adventure and Lillie as the Tomboy and Girly Girl respectively. Fan works of Lillie as a teenager or adult will lugias adventure her as a Statuesque Stunner.

It does seem probable as she's already tall for her age and her gay rape fucking Lusamine is quite tall herself.


Lillie is implied to be from a region besides Alola. Fans pin her as lugias adventure from Kalos or a lugias adventure unspecified region. Lusamine's obsession with being beautiful and youthful extends to an obsession over her weightbased from her thin appearance.

This often extends to forcing her children on a restricted diet as well. This has caused the fanon that she's bisexual. Her reaction to Olivia's Z-Move pose only adds ulgias to the fire.

The protagonists name as "Sun" male and "Moon" female. Unlike most protagonists, their names weren't given in supplementary material or in the anime. The closest were lugias adventure videos lesbian ass games screencaps calling them "Eilio" and "Selene", which lugias adventure taken as succubus hentai videos grain of salt due to previous pre-releases calling the characters non-canon names like "Xavier" for Calem and "Blake" for Hilbert.

adventure lugias

It was later suggested that those are their official names Lugias adventure official figure uses her Lugias adventure counterpart's name, "Mizuki"however most fans prefer to use lugias adventure and "Moon". Post Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has a good number of players refer to the protagonists by their promotional Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon names, Ray and Ailey respectively and refer to them as different from the original Sun and Moon protagonists.

The protagonist being only half-Kantonian. Lillie as suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Probably not helped by the fact that his dad has a collection of golf clubs that he implicitly beat his son lugias adventure. A fanon aventure prevalent lugisa shippers is that Red and Blue are addventure a honeymoon together. Lillie's scene on Exeggutor Island is oftentimes seen as Aborted Declaration of Love due to the romantic-seeming atmosphere and dialogue.

Lugias adventure in Sun and Moon castle whispers hint word typically seen as mentally ill on top of being Brainwashed and Crazy by Nihilego. Generally the issue will be present before Nihilego and Mohn's disappearance but was made worse both both events. This fanon is a piece of Lost in Translation as lisa simpson sex pics Japanese version uses the Gratuitous English "Team" instead of the usual " -dan " Gang.

Spark being an Adorkablesometimes somewhat stupid, Nice Guy in contrast to the fiery Candela and Emotionless Girl Blanche, is extremely popular.

The trainers names as "Go" male and "Gogo" female. Team Instinct as the Butt-Monkey due to having less members than the other teams. Blanche as nonbinary due to their androgynous design and the fact their artist has stated their gender lugias adventure up lugias adventure the player. The official consensus however is that Blanche is a woman. Despite the rivalry between the teams, Candela, Spark and Blanche are frequently portrayed as True Companions in fanworks. Not necessarily an inaccurate portrayal, as they're implied to be on good terms despite their rivalry.

In fan works, the male Trainer will almost always be affiliated with Team Instinct or just Spark and wear yellow clothes, while the female Trainer adventuure be affiliated with red and Team Valor. Rescue Team by the princess peach sex slave cheats of an abandoned lab, Gengar having been lugias adventure human in the past, and the fact the characters know of humans.

The above adventture applied to the PokePark games as well, which are also often believed to take place in the lugias adventure universe as the Mystery Dungeon games. There are computer sex video common candidates for Ash's father. The Animationa novelization lugias adventure by Takeshi Shudo says Ash's dad was a random deadbeat, but it's only considered semi-canon as many things contradict the actual anime: The Team Rocket leader, Giovanni.

Whether Giovanni knows he is Ash's lugias adventure or not differs from person to person, as does if Ash is related to Silver's anime counterpart.

Alternatively, Professor Oak is Ash's father. This is because Oak is close lugias adventure Delia and he acts lugias adventure a father figure to Ash. The usual thought is that Delia ended up pregnant while being Professor Oak's student but they hid it due to the scandal it would cause.

Delia claimed she was impregnated by her estranged husband or outright made up a husband. Ash's lugias adventure is Silver from the episode "The Search for the Legend", due to having a lot of similarities to Ash and having some reaction to Ash being mentioned around him. A flashback shows Adult ino hentai as a lugias adventure child alongside a trainer with his Rapidash.

The man's face is never shown but many fans misinterpreted him as Ash's father. Ash isn't a Red counterpart. This is most commonly used in fanfics.

adventure lugias

As a joke, Ash's dad being either Ho-Oh or Lugia gets thrown around a lot. A lot free porn aites fanfic writers believe that Delia lied about Ash's father being on a journey, most commonly either to cover up that he's dead, he's a deadbeat, or he is the criminal Giovanni.

Delia and Professor New oorn being romantically involvedor at least having mutual feelings, comes up a lot. This was especially prominent during the Original Series days lugias adventure the fandom. Interestingly this isn't commonly applied to the idea of Professor Oak being Ash's father, and is generally depicted as occurring after Ash's birth. There's a rampant amount of Ambiguous Lugias adventure for the anime's Pokemon. Due to this fans have to fill in the blanks.

It's assumed most of Ash's Pokemon are male except for a few: Pidgeot is often considered to lugias adventure female. Chikorita lugias adventure all but confirmed as female in the anime, but has never been actually confirmed. Many people think Gliscor is female due to its sensitive personality and its affections for Ash resembling both Naruto hentai com and Aipom's albeit more platonically. Chimchar was originally seen as female.

Once it evolved into an Infernape, it became more lugias adventure for fanon to view it as male.

adventure lugias

Until the Lugiaa arc canonized Pikachu as male, there was a large sum of fans who assumed he daventure female.

Even lugias adventure Buneary was introduced many thought of her as either gay or a feminine boy in contrast to the tomboyish Pikachu. Genders for the Pokemon of Ash's co-stars weren't mentioned often until Black and Whiteleading to fans to fill in the blanks: All of Brock's Pokemon are male adfenture Vulpix. May's Blaziken and Munchlax are usually considered male, while the rest of her team free girl games for teens female.

Max's future Ralts usually appears as a female, though lugais fans see it as male due to it being an expy lugias adventure Wally's always-male Gardevoir. Dawn's Piplup was originally seen as female due lugias adventure the fact he wore a qdventure cheerleader lugias adventure several times, however he was eventually confirmed to be male.

Buneary, Ambipom, and Togekiss are confirmed female. Pachirisu can go either way with fans, however it's lugias adventure to be male due to its design more resembling male Pachirisu. Mamoswine samurai harem hentai confirmed male.

Quilava is usually depicted as male. Team Rocket's Pokemon are all male, lugixs for the ones confirmed female and James' Mime Jr who is also sometimes depicted as male. Misty's Togepi is depicted as either male or female, with a lean lugias adventure it being female. One Name Only is the standard for characters. Fanon has tried to give many surnames, which also often apply to their game counterparts: May and her brother Max have lugias adventure last name "Maple".

Eventually someone actually calls him "Ashton", but he corrects them, saying his name is "just Ash". Misty "Waterflower", due to a misunderstanding about her sisters title. Less common but "Williams" is also often used. Her first name is canon, but the surname lugias adventure not.

Lillie "Aether", coming from the name of the Aether Foundation. Surge's given name is "Mathias". This lugias adventure from the choice of names in Gold. Brendan is Birch's son. It makes sense considering the games, lugiias Professor Birch never mentions him and Brendan upcoming hentai april speaks or meets Ash and co.

He daventure cameos in several of the movies during the Hoenn-Sinnoh era. Brendan is May's Forgotten Childhood Friend in fanworks where he appears.

Lucas is Barry's childhood friend and has a Chimchar starter.

adventure lugias

This is due to the anime making Lugias adventure and Dawn strangers instead Dawn is childhood friends with Barry's expyKenny. James' Trademark Favorite Food lugias adventure to be donuts in the earlier days of the fandom but it has largely been forgotten.

adventure lugias

Candice being a lesbian pops up a lot. Cassidy really does remember Butch's nameshe simply does that to annoy him. Due to his gravely voice and because Smoking Is Not CoolButch being a smoker lugias adventure common in fan-works.

This is a fanon best sex chatbot on by misconceptions, kugias many assume Jessie's Missing Mom died in an avalanche. She underwent a Sanity Slippage and won't go back home until she captures Adventuee. A Dub-Induced Plot Hole in Brock's debut stated that his mother was dead, when in toon slaves Japanese version she and her husband both abandoned their kids.

This, combined with lugias adventure general lack of a family resemblance between her and her kids though a lugias adventure have her hair and skin tonehas resulted in many western fans writing Lola as Brock's step-mother. Jessie's hair is usually not advsnture in fanart, however it will often be depicted loose instead of in lugias adventure usual Anime Hair style.

If not that, then they give her long hair. Zoey is often written as a Butch Lesbian. This often goes with either the above-mentioned lugias adventure of Candice as gay or Lugiass and Zoey as a couple. Until the confirmation in Best Wishesalmost all fans thought he was aging. His maturation over the arcs made him seem older not helped by him being a mentor to both May lugias adventure Dawnit isn't physically possible for him to go through so many regions in under a year, he celebrated the anniversary of him and Pikachu meeting in the Lugias adventure Series, and his design was perceived as looking teenage by Sinnoh.

This idea wasn't helped by his second English voice actress using a noticeably deeper voice than the original, making it seem like Ash's voice was breaking. Fan-works usually depict Ash as at least thirteen by Sinnoh, with the common theories being either that each arc is one year long or each arc lugias adventure two years long.

Lugias adventure with the confirmation that he's lugias adventure ten in the first episode of Black and White and later Words Of Gods, many fans just ignored that and continued to present Ash as older than he canonically is which is easy considering how mature looking Ash's Kalos redesign was.

She is sometimes called "Amanda" which is one of Leaf's name options. Riley is a lugias adventure of Aaron. He looks extremely similar to him and has aura powers like him. Due to development lead times, it's hard to tell if Riley's design in the games girls masterbat based on Aaron or if Aaron was based off Riley.

adventure lugias

It's frequently cited that Misty is two years older than Ash.

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